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Audubon Christmas Bird Count- Alberta, British Columbia, & Montana locations

Festival Event, Action Opportunity, Citizen Science Program

Audubon Bird Count – Debra Moss

The 121st Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count takes place in December 14, 2020 - January 5, 2021. It is the longest running Citizen Science survey in the world and provides critical population data. Data from over 2,300 circles are entered after the official count and become available under the Data & Research link. Please click here or scroll to bottom of page for locations and to sign-up for the Christmas Bird Count.

How does participation work?

There is a specific methodology to the CBC, and you must make arrangements to participate in advance with the circle compiler, but anyone can participate.

Each count takes place in an established 15-mile wide diameter circle, and is organized by a count compiler.

If your home is within the boundaries of a CBC circle, then you can stay at home and report the birds that visit your feeder on count day as long as you have made prior arrangement with the count compiler. Check out the sign-up link above for information on how to contact the compiler.

Since it is free, how is this program funded?

The Christmas Bird Count now relies 100% on donations to provide support to compilers and volunteers on count day, to manage the historic database, and to fund the technology to make historic data available to researchers. Until recently there was a $5.00 participation fee which annually funded this hemisphere-wide program.

The data collected by CBC participants over the past century and more have become one of only two large pools of information informing ornithologists and conservation biologists how the birds of the Americas are faring over time.

In 2012 CBC participation was made FREE to make it accessible to anyone. Now we ask for your support to keep the program free and to help us ensure the future of the program. Please make a donation today to this very important citizen science effort.

How To Participate

Contact point person per bird count location for more information. If you are a beginning birder, you will be able to join a group that includes at least one experienced birdwatcher.

Bird Count Locations within the Crown of the Continent (Alberta, British Columbia, & Montana):

Alberta, Canada

British Columbia, Canada

  • Cranbrook- 12/26/2020 contact Dianne Cooper

  • Golden- 12/27/2020 contact Joan Dolinsky for details

  • Kimberley- 01/03/2021 contact Dianne Cooper

  • Elkford contact Ulrike Sliworsky for date

  • Fernie contact Mike Bentley

  • Lake Windermere- contact Cam Gillies for date

  • *Montana, United States**

  • Bigfork- 12/19/2020 Groups are assigned the week before the count. If you want to participate, contact Craig Hohenberger: [email protected] or 406-890-1629

  • Eureka- 12/18/2020 For information contact Ellen Sullivan at 406-889-3983 or count leaders Lewis Young, [email protected].

  • Great Falls- 12/19/2020 If you are interested in participating, contact Nora Gray: [email protected] or 406-781-4153.

  • Helena- 12/19/2020 Meet at Jorgenson's Restaurant (11th Ave. and Lamborn) at 7:00 AM if you want a restaurant breakfast. Group leaves at 7:45 AM. For more information, contact Coburn at [email protected] or 406-449-2574. At 5:30 PM, there will be a potluck at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 512 Logan Street (also accessible from Lawrence St. and Cruse St.).

  • Libby- 12/19/2020 Contact Gene Rackin at [email protected]

  • Missoula- 12/19/2020 Groups are assigned the week before the count. If you want to participate in the field count, contact Larry Weeks at [email protected] or 406-540-3064 (406-540- 3064 cell).

  • Upper Swan Valley- 12/19/2020 If you want to participate, contact Rob Rich at 406-754-3137 or [email protected].

  • Glacier National Park- 12/20/2020 For more information prior to the Count, contact: Lisa Bate, at [email protected] or (406) 888-7833.

  • Ninepipe N.W.R- 12/20/2020 For more information contact Jim Oates: 406-270-7826 or by email at [email protected].

  • Kalispell- TBA For more information contact count leader Pete Fisher: [email protected], 406-250-9624.