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Chasing the Buffalo - Harvesting Energy in Southern Alberta

Packaged Experience, Multi-Location Packaged Experience
The energetic landscape of S. Alberta – Allen Gibson

Join us for a one-day guided tour of the amazing diversity of energy harvesting 'systems' that exist in Alberta's Crown of the Continent region.

For the last six thousand years, human beings have figured out more and more efficient methods of 'harvesting' energy from Mother Nature. Beginning with the ingenious system that is a buffalo jump, through the age of farming, hydrocarbons, and into today's emerging 'post-carbon' energy mix, we will explore a rich diversity that will have you seeing the landscape in a whole new way.

Host: Allen R. Gibson
Allen is a well-travelled Western Canadian tourism expert. He is a travel writer and was marketer-in-charge of National Historic and UNESCO World Heritage sites Fort Whoop Up and Waterton Lakes National Park. He spent 4 years as a member of the Alberta Tourism Minister’s Advisory Council and 2 years as chair of the Alberta Tourism Awards program. Now he leads small group tours in the west, sharing the stories, history, and future of both First Nations and European cultures that share this land we call Canada.

Accessibility Notes

Our vans are not wheelchair accessible at this time.

Sample Itinerary of Experience

Tours can begin in Lethbridge, Fort Macleod or Calgary, Alberta.

  • UNESCO World Heritage site at "Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump," and learn how First Nations kept themselves fed and sheltered during the harsh winters.
  • Massive grain storage bins to the site of the Old Man River Dam and reservoir - a central component of the massive irrigation infrastructure that is so central to the abundance of today's farming.
  • Site of Canada's most intensive wind-farming operations. *Through the power of Virtual Reality, you will see what it's like on the inside of one of these massive machines, and even what you see from standing on the very top.
  • Explore the new solar and geothermal technologies that are emerging on this landscape, and that promise a level of energy independence that few would have imagined.


Seasons Open and Departure

Tours can be offered at anytime for groups of 4 to 14 people. Regular departures are scheduled in the summer months between June and Sept.

A special version of this tour, which will include experiencing the full Canadian R.C.M.P. Musical Ride will take place on July 27th, 2019.


One day tours are $149 per person. Add $50 p.p. for Calgary pickup.

Tours include transportation, guide, all site admissions, and a lunch of local ingredients.

*More details can be found online at