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Fergies Pub & Grill | Hot Springs, Montana


So what do hot springs, a cell phone free "getaway" and quality burgers have in common? Well, Fergies Pub and Grill, in Hot Springs, Montana, of course! I met Charlie, co-owner of the establishment with her husband Joe the other day, and my goodness is the Tasty Food Sleuth impressed.

Driving Directions

Travel south of Flathead Lake onto hwy. 28 towards Hot Springs, Montana or north or Rainbow Lake on hwy. 28 towards Hot Springs, Montana. From the intersection of hwy 28 and Hot Springs Road the drive is approximately 5 minutes west.

Turn west onto Hot Springs Road travel until a T Junction (the road becomes E. Broadway for the last two blocks.

At the T Junction, turn south (left) for one block until Main Street

Turn west onto Main Street and travel one block; Fergies Pub and Grill is on the north side of the road.

Fergies, a family business, is well known for their burgers and pizzas. The pub and grill was recommended to me as a must to visit by a burger aficionado. I wondered, how does one make a burger so special? You can't even get this kind of food in the big city. One contributing factor may well be that Charlie has her own little in-house bakery in the back. They not only bake their own pizza crusts, but they bake their own burger buns as well, and also make a gluten free version of both. You start with the best quality meat, and then prepare the burger with care and experience.

It is not everywhere you can custom order a burger either. The meat is prepared as the customer requests from rare to well done and every way in between. The regular mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and onions are embellished by homemade garlic butter that is slathered on the home made buns! And, of course the top secret spice mixture that by only a visit in person can reveal the flavour; there is no recipe available for the spices to describe in writing.

Indeed, for the vegetarian taste, there is a homemade black bean burger to savour as well. You can find this option throughout town, but need to go to Fergies for the original. I am sure that folks visit Hot Springs, Montana for its hot springs and the warm, welcoming soak they can experience in any of the mineral pools available. However, folks may come here for the hot springs, but they stay for the food! The Tasty Food Sleuth vouches for this indeed, and finds it a pleasure to experience out of the way places that focus on health, peace and tranquility.

"I hope that we promote good health all around," Charlie says. "If you talk to anyone from town, you will find that folks are relaxed in Hot Springs. They know the benefits of a good soak in the mineral springs, and know that good food goes hand in hand with that."

There is an overall positive spirit to be found in this cozy small town in the Crown.

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11:30 am - midnight. Closed Wednesday