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Foy's to Blacktail Trails at Herron Park | Kalispell, Montana

Outdoor Adventures, Hiking Trail or Trailhead

The trails at Herron Park offer over 15 miles of interconnected, looped trails - just 10 minutes from downtown Kalispell. These single track trails are open year-round to all non-motorized users. Most hikers, bikers, cross country skiers and horseback riders utilize this trail network for short outings ranging from 30 minutes to half-a-day.

Owned by Flathead County, Herron Park is operated in conjunction with nonprofit Foy's to Blacktail Trails (FTBT), who acts as a fundraising and stewardship partner for the park. FTBT completed its namesake 13.5 mile trail, in 2018, connecting the trails network at Herron Park to the top of Blacktail Mountain Ski Area, creating a 15 - 20 mile addition to the trail system.

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View from Foy's to Blacktrail Trail looking north. – Sheena Pate

Driving Directions from Nearest Town or Landmark

From Meridian Road in Kalispell, Montana, travel south until Meridian turns west onto Foy's Lake Road. Continue on Foy's Lake Road to Herron Park, approximately 1 mile past Foy's Lake. Park in the paved Herron Park lot (horse trailers must park slightly farther south near the horse stables).

Estimated Time it Takes to Experience this Trail

30 mins - Full Day, depending on where you choose to go!

These trails are stacked, interconnecting loops, so please be sure to familiarize yourself with the map (you can take a picture with your phone of the large map on the trailhead kiosk, or purchase a map for $1 at local outdoor stores). There is a map located mid-way up the trail system at the intersection of the Family Trail, Direct Route, Plum Creek Road and Overlook Trail.

The Herron Park trails system borders private lands. Most of these are timber lands that are owned by timber companies with an open-access, non-motorized policy, but FTBT recommends that users stay aware of park boundaries as trails are not mapped or signed outside of Herron Park.

Highlights and Best Features of this Trail

The 440-acre Herron Park is known for its ability to make you feel much farther from the hustle-and-bustle of downtown than you actually are. Slip into the vibrant larch forests and wind your way to the top of the Overlook trail where you will find large, bright arrowleaf balsamroot sunflowers, expansive views of the wild Swan mountains and, on a clear day, catch the towering peaks of Glacier National Park. Then, wisk yourself down the steep and playful Boundary or Notch trails for a ripping mountain bike descent that will make you want to climb up to the top of that roller coaster again!

Though they make for some fun mountain biking, these trails are beloved by all types of users - especially by the equestrian community, who helped establish Herron Park in 1976. FTBT asks that all trail users remain courteous and conscious of the experience of others. The trails have a friendly feel and users with dogs (on leashes within Herron Park please), mountain bikes and horses co-exist with little difficulty (always use your voice when approaching horses).

Trail Distance

1 - 15 miles

Trail Vertical Gain or Loss

1500 feet, from the Trailhead to the top of the Overlook. (Other options with less climbing exist.)

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