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Glacier Distilling Company | Coram, Montana

Distillery or Distillery Tasting Room

Glacier Distilling is a craft distillery nestled in the foothills near Glacier National Park. We specialize in small-batch whiskeys that reflect the rugged beauty of our surroundings. We use local grains, Flathead cherries and pure glacial water from the Northern Rockies to create alpine whiskeys and spirits best enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Visit The Whiskey Barn for tastings and tours! – David Hancock

Driving Directions

Address: *10237 HWY 2 East, Coram, MT 59913**(look for the red barn on the north side of the highway, just past the cottonwood tree that got cut down last summer)*

We source Montana's finest grain for all of our whiskeys:

North Fork: The North Fork of the Flathead River flows from a remote corner of British Columbia to Montana, traveling unchecked through border crossings, over a sunken steamship and around flooded mining camps—evidence of its victory over man’s attempt to rob it of its mineral treasures. Even today the river reminds us of its eternal power, dumping an occasional fisherman or rafter into its icy water, giving them the taste of something pure & wild. We raise a glass of our whiskey in respect!

Tasting Notes: The rye gives it a bit of spice, the barley imparts an earthy roundness and the corn a sweet finish. Take that perfect balance of grains, let it mellow in a charred American oak barrel, and you get a whiskey that ebbs and flows on your palate like something that is always new but has been there forever.

Bad Rock Rye: Bad Rock Canyon, its bloody history mostly forgotten, now stands as the peaceful gateway to Glacier National Park and beyond. Guarded by Columbia Mountain to the south and Teakettle to the north, travelers by river, rail and road all journey safely through its narrow passage. Our Bad Rock Rye is distilled for those who embrace life as a journey with all its trials and joys. Godspeed!

Tasting Notes: This Bad Rock Rye recipe differs from the 1st batch, with a little heavier emphasis on the rye malt. It is a deep, red-hued amber with a nose of salted caramel. The first taste is a bright spice that dances on the tongue leading to a burst of black pepper with hints of dried apricots, malt and black tea. Distilled for more complexity on the finish, this rye begs to be savored.

Wheatfish Whiskey: So how do you turn a great beer into a great whiskey?It starts from the simplest of ingredients: sun-kissed wheat grown under the big sky and pure glacial water. But what makes this spirit unique is the people who can see the complex beauty in something so simple. The Great Northern Brewing Company ferments a custom mash of wheat and barley, based on the Wheatfish grainbill, for Glacier Distilling Company. We then distill the mash into a whiskey and age it in oak just long enough to restore its golden luster, creating a sweet and slightly spicy whiskey with a glow of warmth. This whiskey is for people who take the time to cherish the simple things — here’s to living!

Tasting Notes: Wheatfish whiskey has a nose of honeysuckle and ripe pear. The floral notes of malted wheat integrate well with the vanilla oak to create a light bodied whiskey with a butterscotch sweetness that rolls over the tongue and leaves a hint of spice. Best consumed neat at room temperature—but if you must, drop it in a pint of Wheatfish Lager.

We work intimately with orchards around Flathead Lake to source pure Montana fruit for our seasonal brandies:

Daughter of the Sun: Cherry spirit first aged in a whiskey barrel. The oak and sweet vanilla are balanced by the dryness of a second aging in a syrah barrel. Lightly sweetened with cherry juice, this liqueur is best served at room temperature.

Little Cottonwood: Lapin cherry base redistilled (think gin style) with orange, ginger and cardamom. The orange brings a brightness to the palette of warming ginger balanced with cooling cardamom. This lightly sweetened liqueur tantalizes the taste buds.


Summer Hours: Noon- 8pm, Everday Winter Hours: Noon- 6pm, Thursday- Sunday

Seasons and Months Open

Summer: May 1- October 15 Winter: October 15- April 30