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K Lazy Three Outfitters | Lincoln, Montana

Guide or Outfitter
K Lazy Three Outfitters

Kenny Low was just three months old the first time he visited Meadow Creek Camp. Although he was surely too young to remember this visit, he would come to know the place as home later in his life. Meadow Creek is the principal base camp of K Lazy 3, an outfit that offers guided pack trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, over a million acres of Montana scenery and solitude. Kenny’s father used to work for the original owners of K Lazy 3, Kenny and Mary Faith Hoeffner. Clearly, the founders of the outfit left an impression on him as Kenny Low was named after Kenny Hoeffner.

Now, Kenny and his wife Coley Low own the K Lazy 3 and take pride in running the outfit much like their predecessors did before them. They make a point to continue doing the hunting and pack trips in the traditional way, avoiding shortcuts and ensuring that they remain an integral part of the day-to-day operations. Kenny explains they're very traditional...growing up doing this a certain way and skills learned from very old outfitters and that’s the way they do things.

Favorite Trip Story

Kenny appreciates having the opportunity to show people his home. “It’s very rewarding,” he relates. “To see the things that we take for granted, you know, that I’ve had my whole life – and to see people who have never seen a mountain get to see the things that I see every day is very rewarding.”

Kenny and Coley have chosen to spend their lives bringing people on trips through the Bob Marshall Wilderness, despite the demanding schedule and the tough work these trips require – they get the satisfaction of being able to help others gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “I’m very passionate about what I do,” Kenny shares as a final note. “I love the mountains and I love the people and the life. You’re not ever going to get rich, but it’s a life that most people dream to do and I get to do it.”

Sustainable Practices

  • Pack certified hay, they are partnered with the Forest Service in the weed spraying and trail clearing.

  • Graze horses at night and we don’t tie them up to trees.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

The Low's keep their operation small and family-owned, Kenny and Coley have been able to build relationships with people from all around the world. K Lazy 3 offers trips basically nonstop from the first of June until the end of November. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that either Kenny or Coley is present on every single trip. In fact, they have become such good friends with some of the guests that Kenny admits there comes a point when it’s difficult to “take their money,” which perhaps is an indication of how close-knit the group becomes on these backcountry trips.

  • Roving Camps": Every morning, camp will be packed along with you, unless you have a notion to stay in one place for a bit longer. This allows the group to extend adventure travel and cover more country, try different fly fishing "holes", and enjoy more and varied horseback riding. Comfortable nylon camp tents with foam mattresses are provided. The "traveling kitchen" provides hearty western meals.
  • Day Rides: Enjoy a day trip up the Continental Divide out of Lincoln, with a trip up Alice Creek and out to Rogers Pass on top of the Divide OR start Rogers Pass and come out Flesher Pass. All those rides are all on top of the Continental Divide.