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Piegan Institute | Browning, Montana

Action Opportunity, Organization
Cuts Wood School is nationally recognized as a successful and effective model for Native language immersion with a multi-generational approach. – Sheena Pate

Organization Focus

Of all the arts and sciences created by humankind, none equals a language, for only a language in its living entirety can describe a unique and irreplaceable world.

The mission of the Piegan Institute is to serve as a vehicle to research, promote and preserve Native languages. Founded in 1987, the Institute has its national headquarters and community-based programs on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northwest Montana.

Piegan Institute programs provide an integrated approach that encompasses social, intellectual, and academic, as well as linguistic, dimensions. The focus throughout is on making connections across the various contexts of a learner's experience -- the classroom, the family, the community -- and what language means for a learner in each of these contexts.

The program's community-based objectives are to increase the number of Blackfeet language speakers, to increase the cultural knowledge base of community members, and to actively influence positive community-based change. National objectives are to promote support for Native language issues through advocacy and education and to provide a voice to the national and international dialogue on Native Language restoration.

The Piegan Institute’s community-based projects include operating the Cuts Wood School Immersion program for grades K through 8; carrying out research; and producing written, audio and video materials on Blackfeet language and history.

Our national and international initiatives include consulting with Native organizations, providing resources, serving as keynote speakers and adding our voice to the dialogue on Native language issues.

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