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Rocky Mountain Front

Geologic Feature
Some of North America\'s best remaining unplowed prairie is found on the Rocky Mountain Front – Tony Bynum

Where the prairie abruptly rise to meet the mountains in Montana and Alberta is the Rocky Mountain Front. Here's how some of our local experts describe this gorgeous landscape on the National Geographic Crown of the Continent MapGuide.

“The Continental Divide is the high vertebrae of the West. It is there that the soul of the Westerner resides.” — Ian Tyson, singer, songwriter, ranch owner

"We live on the eastern slopes where the prairie meets the mountains. Visitors discover a dramatic landscape at the ragged edge between civilization and wildness. Our guests are eager to learn how our cattle grazing rotation helps restore streams and protect native plants. After visiting, they often support our effort to establish this special place as off-limits to gas drilling." — Debbie Webster, Chimney Rock Bed and Breakfast, Webster Ranch, AB

"Draped over the Front’s wind-swept foothills, ranches worked by generations remain much as when first they were homesteads. And today’s ranchers want to keep them that way. Working with conservation-minded neighbors and organizations, traditional lifestyles are being preserved on private and public lands. Conservation isn’t new here. For the past 100 years a patchwork of wildlife refuges, legislation and conservation easements have protected working farms, ranches, and wildlands while providing rich habitat for wildlife." — Gloria Flora, retired National Forest Supervisor, Helena, MT