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Salmon Forks Outfitters | Montana

Guide or Outfitter
The infamous Chinese Wall of the interior Bob Marshall Wilderness, a favorite destination for pack trip guests – Salmon Forks Outfitters

Salmon Forks Outfitters is a premier horseback-based outfit offering epic guided wilderness fly fishing, elk hunt and pack trip services into the infamous Bob Marshall Wilderness of Northwest Montana, affectionately known as the "Bob." The Bob Marshall Wilderness is heralded as a premier point of interest within the Crown of the Continent.

Salmon Forks Outfitters is unique among other Bob Marshall Outfitters. Our fishing camps are located at the headwaters of the fishery in the interior of the “Bob,” providing unaltered access to fish and maximizing your time on the water. Our USFS permits allow us to offer wilderness elk hunts in 13 different wilderness drainages a full 6 weeks prior to the opening of the Montana general season for elk hunts. Our roving summer horseback pack trips provide ample horseback riding opportunities while treating guests to the varied sights and sounds of the “Bob,” including the world-renowned Chinese Wall.

Community Involvement

We have collaborated with the US Forest Service through volunteer activities to preserve and protect the historic Mudd Lake lookout tower.

Favorite Trip Story

Swan Mountain Outfitters is honored to carry on a legacy of 3 decades of outfitting and guiding at the Salmon Forks location. Gearing up for the first season of operation under new family ownership, Salmon Forks Outfitters is committed to providing similar experiences for guests. Previous Salmon Forks Outfitters owners, Mark and Janice Moss, received several great trip stories from past guests and employees, here is one of them:

Post by Salmon Forks Outfitters wrangler, Terra Fondriest:

A 20 mile horse ride into one of the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48 states with people you have just met. No hospitals or phones, and mother nature to contend with. Sure, a person could feel overwhelmed and vulnerable in such an environment, but there were so many aspects of taking this trip with Salmon Forks that kept me grounded, made me feel comfortable and ended up leaving me with such warm memories of my time there; to where I’d love to jump back on a horse and head in to camp right this moment…if only I could get a babysitter.

I worked as a wrangler/cook/hired hand for Salmon Forks Outfitters during the 2008 and 2009 seasons and carried my dad’s old film camera with me. Here are the ways I found ‘my place in the Bob’ with Salmon Forks…

Campfires. A sense of camaraderie formed between every person that didn’t know each other before the trip, and bonds grew stronger between those that did. At the beginning of each week, I remember feeling timid around the new guest. By the end of the week, we were joking and I was thinking about how I’d be missing their company. Often times guests would meet up at the fire ring and get their fishing gear all set up for the day.

Horses: The corrals were a second home to me. Even the ride in and out became comforting as we passed certain landmarks. Often times I rode behind Oscar, he was the slowest horse, but most mild mannered.

The River: Now, I would definitely classify it as grandiose. We had our little spot of heaven along it where we bathed, swam, and got wet from Penny shaking after a swim.

Rides: And went for lazy afternoon rides…It was in these kinds of moments (and many unspoken ones) that I found my place in the Bob. I’m sure that everyone who has visited this wilderness and Salmon Forks could give you their own unique list, and that is what makes this place so amazing and beckons you to come back. If you’ve gone on a trip with Salmon Forks, what were the times that you think most fondly about to this day?

Local Knowledge & Certifications/Training

Our guides have several years of experience guiding pack trips, fishing trips and hunting trips in and around the Bob Marshall Wilderness. In addition to years of experience with horses, fishing and guiding guests into the wilderness, our guides have been through extensive training through Swan Mountain Outfitters Wilderness Guide School. All guides possess current wilderness first aid certifications and are prepared for and experienced in dealing with backcountry emergency situations.

Sustainable Practices

Salmon Forks Outfitters is committed to maintaining environmental standards consistent with, and often above and beyond, the requirements expected by public land management agencies. Additionally we have a deep personal and professional respect for the wilderness areas where we operate. Environmental stewardship is practiced by adhering to "Leave No Trace" principles, voluntary trail maintenance and more.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

Salmon Forks Outfitters is a Swan Mountain Outfitters owned company. Click HERE or call (406) 387-4405 for information and rates regarding summer horseback pack trips as well as Montana wilderness elk hunts and fly fishing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness interior. Trips can be customized to meet the guests' unique needs. Salmon Forks Outfitters is your best choice for a once in a lifetime Bob Marshall Experience!