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The Cowboy Trail (no horse required) | Alberta, Canada

Outdoor Adventures, Scenic Drive
Road to the Rockies - along the Bar U Trail heading west – Debbie Webster

Driving Directions

From Cardston travel Highway #5 West touching the Waterton Lakes National Park, North on Highway #6 to Pincher Creek and carry on due North on Highway #22 to the town of Mayerthorpe. You could drive over 700 km to visit over 120 partners, participate in 180 events and through 30 different communities.

A detailed map introducing all the partners' locations may be found by accessing the website

Points of Interest and Highlights along the Drive

The Cowboy Trail highway sign is an icon recognized by everyone in the Province. How do we know that Albertans are aware of the Cowboy Trail? It is used in conversations to describe locations and directions, in publications regarding environmentally sensitive concerns, land development issues and yes, even to promote tourism areas. This “sign” invites travelers to experience the Cowboy Way and the lifestyle associated with it.

The region's pioneering ancestors came from around the world and made the best of some mighty tough situations. They dug in their heels to make a living, encouraged their neighbours to do the same and developed prosperous communities. Much of the homesteading occurred within the last 100 years and this mind-set is still prevalent, remaining a special dynamic of this culture.

Albertans are quick to identify with the unique heritage offered on The Cowboy Trail and acknowledge that this is a rapidly disappearing way of life. Many have lost the connection to “the family farm” and are eager to extend into this atmosphere for a little while so they can experience the sights and sounds . . . one more time.

The past may be found in the present at a variety of venues. Local residents are proud to reside in the Crown of the Continent, where the prairie meets the mountains.

Route Description

From the range to the Rockies – we have it all on The Cowboy Trail. The sights and sounds of the old west and the “not so old” west can be experienced from our doorstep. We share the tranquility of the wilderness or the excitement of a rodeo, take a nap under a big, blue Alberta sky or hurtle ourselves through whitewater rapids, listen to a cowboy poet impart their words of wisdom or two-step at the Barn Dance with your special gal (or fella). North to Mayerthorpe or south to Cardston, there’s over 700 km of things to see and do here.

Starting Milemarker or Town

From the South begin at Cardston AB - From the North start at Mayerthorpe AB

Nearby Places