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The Lynx Children | The Moon


A Lynx couple gave birth to twin sons. One day the mother needed to eat to supplement their twin babies. The father left to fish for salmon so he could make his wife some salmon soup. The father was fishing for a long time only to get a small fish. Because he was fishing most of the day he ate it himself. One day the lynx brothers asked where their father was. The mother told them he had gone, pointing in the direction, he walked. The direction their mother pointed was where someone was to become the sun. They asked what he was looking for. She told them, salmon for the family but he never came back. The lynx brothers told their mother they will go and look for him. They began walking in the direction their mother pointed. Soon they came upon a lake where they saw an old man who was fishing. It was their father, they asked him why he was there. The old man told them “long ago I had two children, I needed to get food so my wife would provide for her new born twins.” “I have been here since.” As the brothers listed to this story, the old man continued to tell the Lynx brothers that he can rise and lower the water in the lake. So he showed them and when he lowered the water they saw all the salmon. They immediately began to catch the salmon. The old man knew they were his sons because of the way they caught the salmon.

The lynx brothers told their father to go home and they needed to keep walking to where someone was to become the sun. They eventually came to a town and were told that they needed to go to the place where someone was to become the sun at daybreak. As they woke the next morning, the sun was shining hot and came upon water and decided to swim to cool off. They continued walking well into the night.

As the Lynx brothers returned to the town the Chief looked at one of the brothers and told him the sun was good and he shall be the sun and looked at the other brother and told him “you shall go at night” he was to be the moon and immediately it became dark, and ascended into the night sky. As he was rising he was so bright you could see everything around you for a long distance.

Once a year, the moon is at its largest and closest in November commonly referred to as the Supermoon but to the Ktunaxa this is the time you can see the Lynx brothers.

A component of the Ktunaxa Creation
Told by Franz Boaz_Chamberlain Kutenai Tales 1918
Interpreted by Janice Alpine, Ktunaxa