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Uplift Adventures Guides | Crowsnest Pass & Castle Provincial Park, Alberta

Outdoor Adventures, Guide or Outfitter

Uplift Adventures is a guiding company based out of Crowsnest Pass who leads adventures in southern Alberta, focusing in the Castle Provincial and Wildland Parks and Crowsnest Pass. Providing local and authentic outdoor experiences to people visiting the area Uplift Adventures prides themselves on providing an educational experience either through learning about the biodiversity, culture and heritage of the area or providing outdoor skill-building workshops. The team of guides is built with individuals that share passion for the outdoors, education and conservation.

Plane Crash Hike – Heather Davis

Community Involvement

The owner of Uplift Adventures is very engaged and involved with the community. When Heather first moved to Crowsnest Pass, she started an outdoors club. This was not new to her as she was involved in many clubs before moving to the area. She also sits on the Park and Recreation Authority Board with the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, where she is actively leading the creation of the Crowsnest Pass Trail Alliance. In addition, she is one of the main organizers with the Crowsnest - Mountain Spirit Festival, which is a festival to celebrate mountain life in Crowsnest Pass and is derived from the United Nations - International Mountain Day and is an active member of the Alpine Club of Canada, the Crowsnest Museum, and the Chamber of Commerce. Always keen on bridging the gap between communities in southwest Alberta she attends meetings in Pincher Creek with Women of Business and is actively trying to introduce an Adventure Hub to the region.

Favorite Trip Story

Our favourite stories come from working with locals. This community is incredible and we see so many people of all levels of fitness. Heather has helped a friend create a day to take people up Turtle Mountain, a popular mountain in Crowsnest Pass, for the first time. It was so amazing to see the expression on people's faces. Some people have lived in Crowsnest Pass their whole lives and have never been up the mountain. Another story comes from a lady in her 80s. She decided that she wanted to do her very first backpacking trip. While the effort was put in by her, it was incredible to do some hikes with this inspirational lady. This lady did her first backpacking trip at 82 years old - the Chilkoot Trail.

Local Knowledge & Certifications/Training

The owner, Heather Davis, is the main guide and has created all of the programming for offered activities and is a professional hiking and snowshoeing guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, a world recognized and highly sought out organization.

In addition, Heather is a Professional Agrologist practicing in Environmental Science and has a degree in Environment and Conservation Sciences and a diploma in Biological Sciences, Renewable Resources. She has previously worked for Alberta Environment and Parks as a project supervisor for the Backcountry Trails Flood Rehabilitation Program in Crowsnest Pass, as an Environmental Consultant based out of Edmonton, guided tours for a ski and snowboard company for 7 years and assisted many organizations with running, organizing and marketing events.

Having lived in Crowsnest Pass since 2014 she has been actively engaged in the community, siting on municipal boards and encouraging locals to get outside and enjoy their backyard and has led over 100 trips in the area with outdoor clubs, Alpine Club of Canada, Alberta Environment and Parks and Uplift Adventures.

Sustainable Practices

Uplift Adventures has 4 key values and one of these is to conserve our environment and heritage for future generations to enjoy. It really comes down to even the smallest of intentions, when a company decides to be sustainable. For example, garbage is a huge pet-peeve. The owner of Uplift Adventures started a movement called, 'Project Cleanup', which has changed to 'Clean the Crow'. This was a way to encourage and appreciate people who pick up garbage in the community and backcountry. Participants would make a social media post with the garbage they collected. In turn, the participant would get a ballot for a draw to win a prize. The idea was that other people will see this movement, take pride in their community and environment, and also take part in picking up garbage.

Uplift Adventures does small things for the greater good. Efforts are made to reduce single-use plastics by providing reusable sandwich bags for lunches and the company tries to shop local as much as possible. Additionally they work closely with Crowsnest Heritage Society ensuring awareness to the unique and rich-history of Crowsnest Pass is brought to their programming

Stay tuned in the future as Uplift Adventures seeks ways to work with environmental and heritage groups to enhance this region of Alberta.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

Uplift Adventures is unique in that they partner with several small, local businesses to provide an overall experience. Guides specialize in hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing. Additionally skill-building workshops are offered and everything is very educational. Packaged adventures can include activities such as fine-dining, photography and more.

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