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Waterton Wildlife Weekend | Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Festival Event

Bighorn sheep in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. – Frank Weinschenk

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

Several events are designed for the full family.

Fall is a wonderful time to view wildlife in the Crown of the Continent, and Waterton Lakes National Park is an wildlife-watcher's paradise. Experience a learning vacation September 17-20, 2020 during the Waterton Wildlife Weekend, a program of the Waterton Park Community Association in cooperation with Parks Canada. The four ecoregions in Waterton Lakes National Park encompass 45 different vegetation communities. This diversity of habitat and the proximity of the park to other well-managed areas have resulted in the Park being home to an impressive array of plants and animals. A distinctive feature of the park is that it is situated where the prairies abruptly meet the mountains. This, in part, explains why Waterton supports such an abundance of wildlife.

Within the Park’s 505 sq. kilometres (195 sq. miles) one can find over 250 species of birds, more than 60 species of mammals, 24 species of fish, 10 species of reptiles and amphibians, as well as thousands of invertebrate species.

The Waterton Wildlife Weekend celebrates this diversity in mid-September, a time of year when elk are bugling, migratory birds are moving through the Park and bears are enjoying their last feasts before their long winter nap. The 3-day event engages wildlife enthusiasts in more than 30 workshops and field studies led by more than a dozen experts.

Rules against large groups tramping across the landscape of Waterton Lakes National Park preserve the autumn Wildlife Weekend as an intimate exploration of the Park. The Weekend provides a wide range of opportunities for wildlife watchers, photographers, hikers, and those who prefer the educational comforts of town. This is the perfect late-season experience for people of all ages who are eager to learn about an ecosystem so special that it is a United Nations World Heritage Site.

Highly qualified professionals including talented wildflower photographers, naturalists and scientists lead events throughout the 3 days.

Event Setting

Waterton Lakes National Park is in the southwestern corner of Alberta. Together with Montana's Glacier National Park, this is the world's first International Peace Park, established in 1932, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Some events have an admission fee.