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Wildsight | British Columbia, Canada

Wildsight\'s Classroom with Outdoors program works with local schools to deliver engaging field trips for students from Kindergarten through grade 10.

Additional Benefits Available from Contributing

Members, volunteers and other supporters can participate in local initiatives, learn about critical issues affecting our region, take part in community events, volunteer for leadership positions, and receive the quarterly newsletter, The Wild Times.

Highlights of Recent Accomplishments

Wildsight has branch organizations in five communities, each with their own directors and web site, including Kimberley/Cranbrook, Elk Valley, Creston Valley, Golden and Invermere. Kimberley, Cranbrook and the Elk Valley are within the Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

The organization identifies numerous long-term programs and policy campaigns. Programs include:

- Climate Solutions for the Kootenays: - Columbia Wetlands: - Columbia Wetlands Invasive Plant Species: - David Thompson Heritage Lands: - Education in the Wild: - Energy & Mining: - Forest Stewardship: - Lake Windermere: - Mountain Caribou: - Pesticide Reduction: - Purcell Mountains: - Wilderness Recreation:

Campaigns include: - Wild Flathead: or - Jumbo Wild: - Rivers at Risk: - Save the Mountain Caribou:

Non-Profit Type and Status

Registered charitable society in British Columbia. Each branch is an independent society.

Organization Focus

Wildsight is the leading citizen voice for conservation in southeastern British Columbia. Focused on Canada's southern Rockies, the upper Columbia River Valley, and the Columbia Mountains (including the Purcell and Selkirk mountains), Wildsight and its five community branches provide outdoor education programs, coordinate wildlife research with government and university scientists, and advocate environmental policies.

Wildsight's work focuses on:

* Advocating protection of the high ecological values of the our region for the long-term viability of our communities and to ensure that the region continues to be one of the richest ecological areas in the world

* Strengthening ties with other sector groups, First Nations and industry to ensure that environmental protection is supported by a broad constituency

* Participating effectively in government and community processes to promote the protection of biodiversity

* Organizing outreach programs and media campaigns to increase public understanding and support

* Partnering with environmental organizations from BC, the US and other parts of the world to ensure that local work ties in with provincial and international strategies

* Creating and delivering educational programs to schools and the public

* Coordinating scientific research programs on endangered species

Organization Name


Suggested Contribution Amounts

Lifetime Membership: $20 for individual, $25 for family